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How to Increase UPI Limit in SBI YONO

Do you want to Increase UPI Limit in SBI YONO? don't worry you are on the right website now. A few days ago I also faced this problem but now I have fix it and Increase UPI Limit in SBI YONO.

So, guys in this blog post, how do I increase the UPI limit what is the procedure, and how you can also do that? all the details written by me in this article. By the end of this article, you completely understand the procedure and some reasons why increasing the UPI Limit in SBI YONO is important for us.

As you know Yono SBI UPI maximum transaction limit is 1 lakh. But some people have to send more money than the upper limit. So, that is why in this article I will explain to you the steps to increase the UPI limit in Yono SBI.

Increase UPI Limit in SBI YONO
Increase UPI Limit in SBI YONO

Steps to Increase UPI Limit in Yono SBI

The Steps to increasing UPI Limit in Yono SBI are done through the Yono Lite SBI App:

  1. Open Yono Lite SBI and Click on UPI Transfer.
  2. Click on Set New UPI Transaction Limit and Enter your profile password to verify your account.
  3. Choose your maximum UPI Transaction Limit, Confirm the New UPI Transaction Limit, and click on the submit button.
  4. Confirm your new UPI Transaction Limit and click on the Confirm button.
  5. OTP Send to your Mobile Number, Enter OTP, and click on the Submit button.
  6. After clicking the Submit button, your UPI Transaction Limit is Increased.

Conclusion of Increase UPI Limit in SBI YONO

In conclusion, You also know the SBI Banking experience if you want to Increase UPI Limit in SBI YONO then these above steps are for you but in my point of view large amount done through the UPI Payment Method is very risky work.

In my opinion, I prefer the fund transfer via adding a beneficiary when required for large amount transfers. But as your choice guys, everything depends upon you on how much take risks.

Finally, this is the complete guide article on increasing the UPI Limit in SBI YONO, hopefully, understand the procedure to increase the Yono SBI UPI Limit. If you still have any queries then don't hesitate to say by commenting on the comment box below. Thank You…

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